1″ Vinyl Miniblind

    The base product helps maintain privacy while maintaining affordability. Click Learn More

    1″ Flexplus® Miniblind

    An upgrade from our 1" vinyl product. The Flexplus includes a metal headrail, metal bottomrail, and ...

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    1″ Aluminum Miniblind

    The Aluminum Blind guarantees ease of use due to its lighter weight while maintaining an upgraded lo...

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    2″ Fauxwood Blinds

    2" Fauxwood Blinds are a product often used for property upgrades. A classic clean look that allows ...

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    1″ Econoblind®

    A smaller 1 x 1 inch headrail sets this made to measure miniblind apart from the Classic miniblind. ...

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    1″ Classic Miniblinds

    These made-to-measure Classics are an aluminum slat often ordered due to its variety of color option...

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