Mr. Frederick W. Clarke

A small midtown Atlanta apartment, one dozen socks and “The Boss.” This is our history. From socks to hosiery to shirts to draperies. A company history filled with generations of success stories. Stories of surviving during the depression and flourishing afterwards.

When, in September 1946, Frederick W. Clarke, affectionately known as “The Boss”, built and officially opened our own manufacturing plant in Marietta, GA, employees numbered less than a handful. With one salesman to pave the way, we began as simple drapery manufacturers for a company in New York. More and more draperies led to more and more employees. By the 60’s, the course was set.

Today, as more than 250 employees in two plants manufacture our draperies, bedspreads, blinds, and cornices, some of the original handful still remember “The Boss” and his thoughts on running the company: “it’s like rolling dice… When you’re winning, you keep on rolling.”


A Tradition of Excellence Product quality, customer service, on time delivery, and the widest product line are the cornerstones of our ongoing business development. Our performance in these areas has earned us Supplier Of The Year awards from our industry trade associations. Our 40+ years of experience in serving as drapery manufacturers in this industry is at work for our customers every day. A Commitment to Leadership Leadership in new products, innovative services, and unique customer support keep us at the forefront of the industry. We actively support our customers’ various trade associations and participate with them.