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2″ Stock Fauxwood Blind
  • Fabricated with no lead additives.
  • No cord loops.
  • Cord tilts.
  • Includes cord stops for safety.
  • Smooth, 2″ room darkening polyfoam slats with 90% opacity.
  • Heavy duty low-profile 1.5″ steel headrail.
  • Residential look.
  • Child safe cord control.
  • Decorative valance include with each blind.
  • Color coordinated headrail, bottomrail, end caps and tassels.
  • Metal end brackets and intermediate supports.
  • Universal mount front gate brackets.
  • 1.25″ Hex-head mounting screws.
  • Size Identification on the inside headrail on stock sizes, on bottomrail on cut down sizes.
  • Consistent color quality contained. Strict quality control during manufacturing process.
  • Available in White only.
  • Replacement parts available. No minimum order.
  • Over 40 stock sizes, custom sizes available.
  • Inside mount blinds – headrail and slats made 0.5” smaller than width ordered.
  • Outside mount blinds – headrail and slats made to exact width ordered.

Colors Available:


Color may vary. Contact your local sales representative for a color sample chip.

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